Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Meaning Wall Paint Your House

Choosing a paint color is not trivial. This is because the paint color associated with mood. As with the color red is associated as an encouragement, green with serenity, and yellow is happiness.

However, you ever know that paint also shows your character? See the following reviews to find the explanation.

1. Red. The red color shows sika you are someone who have a strong passion and energy. Although not a few who think red is synonymous with anger, but this does not make people avoid this color. The red color makes people more vibrant and socially. To that end, the red color is very suitable for use in the dining room and the living room.

2. Orange. Many people believe if the color orange is assumed as the sun in the daytime. This color is defined as happiness and energy. Orange color is also very good diapasang in the kitchen, family room, and a place where families gather.

3. Green. The green color is more noticeable calm because it can remind us of nature. The green color is able to make people feel at peace that help people be more relaxed when resting. The green color is perfect for bedrooms and a family lounge.

4. Blue. The blue color is believed to improve the intelligence. So it is suitable mounted on children's study room or workspace.

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